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No, I'm really asking. What is it? Test your knowledge of words related to the season of longer days and vacations. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? The dictionary has been scrambled—can you put it back together? Definition of the end justifies the means. Learn More about the end justifies the means.

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Dictionary Entries near the end justifies the means the Electoral College theelin theelol the end justifies the means the end of one's rope the end of one's tether the end of the line. Statistics for the end justifies the means Look-up Popularity. Comments on the end justifies the means What made you want to look up the end justifies the means? Get Word of the Day daily email! Test Your Vocabulary.

Portuguese Swedish Greek Old Norse. Everyone and their dog has had a shot at estimating how much international shame, reputational damage, financial, trade, diplomatic and other damage has been caused; and how much remedial diplomacy is required to fix it. Some have even declared the death of the Aussie Fair Go, apparently sandpapered to death.

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It was hard to watch, but we all did — a public humiliation and fall from grace the likes of which we have never seen in Australian sport. It has been captivatingly brutal, and will be life defining if not life ruining for the three men involved. The exact who, what, where, why, how often and who else details will emerge, or not, over the months and even years ahead.

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The more important question is to understand how the team got both their means and their ends so screwed up. The end in the case of the Australian Cricket Team seems to be simple, uncomplicated, and singular — winning. Win the session, win the day, win the match, win the series.

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Win the verbal, deliver the best sledge, do whatever it takes — just win. If and when that becomes the only objective, the only goal of any organisation — sporting, business, government, community — nothing else matters to those within that organisation.

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It is not a goal that needs to be shared with other goals, like being a team or bank, or employer, or Lord Mayor that plays with integrity, or a team that is known for respecting the game, its history, and its traditions. There is just one goal — winning. If the end is out of whack, is distorted, overblown, disproportionate or misguided, the means will follow. When individuals in organisations that have unambiguous, singular goals, like profit making, game winning, sales target meeting, are encouraged to achieve that singular goal, the ground for poor decision making about means becomes very fertile.

The mandatory detention of those who arrive in Australia by boat is a means and ends policy. We need to keep these poor souls locked up indefinitely to ensure more do not come, the argument goes. The ongoing torture of thousands of people is a necessary means to an end that is better for us all apparently. On the flip side, sometimes the end does not seem to matter, so only minimum means are devoted to their achievement. Think of Indigenous disadvantage and health and justice outcomes. We have the means, in terms of our national financial and intellectual capital, to address these issues and make an enormous difference to the lives of First Australians.

But it seems the end does not justify additional means in this case.

There are also instances all around us when the ends are not so significant or weighty, but where the means to achieve them are disproportionate, expensive and damaging. Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy cheated the spirit of fair play, if not the letter of the law, when he and his parliamentary colleagues conspired to play an underhanded trick to defeat a government bill it did not approve of. He breached long established protocol, potentially killing pairing arrangements, a core element of parliamentary civility.

In a sensational break from parliamentary convention, two Liberal MPs begged to be excused from Victoria's Legislative Council for religious reasons on Good Friday. Leave was granted and, under pairing arrangements, two government MPs left so the Coalition would not be disadvantaged. They could do it, so they did. Guy thinks the bill gives too much control to the United Firefighters Union and for him that is all the justification required.

All the benefits of the pairing arrangements, of respecting tradition, of personal integrity and honesty, are all worth jettisoning to stop an organisational restructure of the fire services? Our propensity to pay way too high a price for our means to achieve ends of questionable value is on the increase. We do it all the time. With Uber, Deliveroo or Airtasker the ends are around convenience and cost.

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People can get rides in a convenient way and have their food delivered at a relatively low cost. Is that really who we are? We are paying an enormous price. A price that is not only too high, it will be paid by generations to come. And we are paying it not for a great and noble end.