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Everywhere at the end of time by The Caretaker. LIke tman, I am a little scared of this album. It is a deeply shocking and accurate musical portrayal of senile dementia -inasmuch as I've sadly observed members of friends and family become gradually subsumed by it.

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Yet it is captivating, there are many moments of beauty along the way. I cannot stop going back for another listen. I wonder if anyone apart from the artist has managed to listen all the way through in one sitting. I am not even close to managing yet. Simon Woolf.

Amazing retro soundscapes in the tradition of berlin school M! Fantastic Berlin School electronica and experimental rock! Oddio Overplay.

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Same As You by Polar Bear. Cuckoo by Polar Bear. There is a very simple formula for working with advertisers in a broadcast and Ric will explain. In this episode, Ric tells the story of the two years he was asked to be a judge for an Elvis Tribute Artist competition. He wasn't asked to do a third year for reasons that will be made clear.

The gist of the story though is about how these performers are riding the coat tails of a dead man. Even though there may be a market for this sort of thing, the idea that there are those who are actively making a living off of someone else's creativity and hard work is kind of wrong, in Ric's opinion. This sort of thing happens all over the place, not just with a bunch of guys acting like Elvis.

Plus, the joys of being a homeowner. There are a few things you might hear regarding the news media.

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Aside from the fact a good number of them are some form of jackal. You might hear people say there is one thing happening to "distract" you from something else happening. It begs the question of how stupid do some people think the general public really is? The idea you can only hold one thought at a time when it comes to something of "national importance" is ludicrous. In this episode, Ric is going to prove to you your own ability to maintain tons of thoughts at the same time.

Plus, how do you really research something in the news? Ric will show you how he does just that. Also, it is the Memorial Day weekend and Ric has a little history about what it all means. It's a problem plaguing Hollywood. We've all seen it a million times and it is very frustrating when it unfolds in front of you. Much like what is happening now as a major TV show wraps up its final episode.

In this episode, Ric talks about how writers can have a great run of a show or movie s only to completely ruin the thing by trying to end it gracefully. Those of you who are Game of Thrones fans are becoming unwitting victims of this phenomenon right now. So much so that groups of fans have started petitions demanding the final season be re-done. It won't happen, but then again, it's hard to stop a shipwreck. There is a funny yet sad part of our society surrounding the culture of the wine mommy. You know her, she sits around all day with a glass of wine in her hand bitching to anyone who will listen about how hard her life is or how useless her husband is.

Her name is probably Becky and her only friends are other wine moms.

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The only other thing worse than this person is the wine mommy who is full of pills because she just can't cope with anything. For the most part they are an ignorable part of our society, that is until they refuse to vaccinate their children. Welcome to and the return of the plague. Schadenfreude is a great word. A German word which has found its way into our vernacular. Although you don't hear it too much, it does describe a fairly everyday emotion.

Finding the joy in watching someone fail.

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It's a cruel world out there and as much as you want to believe it is sweet and nice, it is not. In this episode, Ric explores the idea behind schadenfreude and how it is nearly impossible to shut it off. There is a reason for that. Also, Ric takes a look at what happened at the th running of The Kentucky Derby.

Something stinks and it ain't all that horse manure. In a first for this show, Ric sat down with The Heavyweight Chumps. These guys host a podcast about pop culture, wrestling and all sorts of fun things.

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Several weeks ago, Ric was a guest on their show and to return the favor, The Chumps stepped in to Studio C for a few moments with cocktails to discuss all sorts of things from their perspective on the future of the podcast genre to the future of terrestrial radio and what the hell happened to television. Plus, they played favorites. Also in this episode, Ric talks about the phenomenon of social media influencers. Ric Chetter - From Radioland Like a late night talk show without the cameras.